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Many schools follow the Iditarod Sled Dog Race and incorporate lessons into their classroom/school curriculums.  We have conducted many presentations throughout different schools in the New York/New Jersey area. We've traveled to Alaska for the 2009 Iditarod adventure which Kim participated in.

We have an 80 slide PowerPoint presentation which outlines training as the first team from New Jersey to traveling the Al-Can Highway and finally competing in the "The Last Great Race On Earth" the Iditarod Dog Sled Race out of Anchorage.

Kim narrates the show with the companionship of one of her sled dogs. Interaction with the dog(s) is subject to school policy.

If you are interested in scheduling an in-person or virtual presentation,
please feel free to Contact us with any questions at (516) 790-9183
or via email:

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