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We want to give a shout-out to our ever-growing list of sponsors. Between the recent pandemic and the actual day-to-day cost of feeding and making sure our babies (dogs) get the best care, it can get expensive. Click here to read an article from Forbes discussing that it is estimated that the lifetime cost of a dog to be anywhere from $17,650 to $93,520. Naturally, the size and breed of a dog dictates a lot of the total expense. Now, add dogs that are not just pets, but also provide some type of service. They will require more care and feeding than a typical household pet dog. Now, multiply that by 50! The total amount of our babies. Which is why we are in the higher range of per-dog lifetime cost.

Anyone interested in sponsoring a dog from the meet the team page can contact Kim via our contact page, email or phone and we can take care of it

Our current sponsors:

A big shot out to 12-year-old Andrew, he used his own money, to sponsor 3 DOGS!!!! Tom, Fire, and Heart. 

A great big shot out to 13-year-old Lila for sponsoring Layla!!!

Brooke Monville for sponsoring both Cosmo for a harness and Brisco for a paw.

Tatiana Alexeev for sponsoring Heart and Fire for the year

Karen Tamm-Gedz  for sponsoring Layla for the year

The Hicks Family for sponsoring, Heart, Fire and Otter

Andrea Poulson for supporting DJ and Heart with dog food!!


If interested, review our list of ways you can help and sponsor one of our beloved-dogs:

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